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Welcome to our store. Martijn Larie LLC
offers products with quality and durability at an affordable price, directly
from the manufacturers.

Martijn Larie LLC is the online storefront of TYK Group.

TYK is a leading manufacturing group
consisting of four manufacturing facilities, dedicated to the production, research,
                                    development, and marketing of metal handling machines, construction machines, pet
products, and garden storage items.

We have clients in every continent, well
except for Antarctica, and our clients appreciate the quality and durability of
our products.

TYK Group Development History

1988, TYK Group founded its first factory
of construction machines in Shandong province, China.

1992, In collaboration with Stemma S.R.L.,
TYK Group established a second factory dedicated to the production of Aluminum
Cutting Machines and started exporting machines to Europe.

1994, TYK Group started exporting machines
to Southeast Asia and North Africa.

1998, TYK Group set up a branch office in Barsbüttel,

2000, In collaboration with Scheppach GmbH,
TYK Group started the production of domestic-grade machines and soon became a
trusted supplier of international retailer chains including Lidl and BAUHAUS.

2006, In collaboration with a UK investor
who wishes to remain anonymous, TYK Group established a third factory dedicated
to the design and production of garden storage items.

2006, TYK Group started exporting garden
storage items to the US.

2010, TYK Group established a third factory
dedicated to the design and production of outdoor pet products.

2013, TYK Group invested in the
construction of seven overseas warehouses in the US.

2016, TYK Group started working with
sellers from e-commerce platforms like eBay, Amazon, Wayfair, and The Home

2021, TYK Group established a branch office
in San Gabriel, CA.

2022, TYK Group set up an online storefront
Martijn Larie LLC.

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